Our project

The project is concerned with climate change mitigation and adapting to its consequences. 

Our aims:

  • To raise awareness of Climate Change among children and teenagers as well as the local community of Radzyń Podlaski community. 
  • to educate about what actions can be taken to mitigate climate changes and how to adapt to its consequences. 
  • ecological education of children and teenagers attending Warsaw Montessori School following the “Erdkinder” Montessori program, as well as their families, teachers, and the community  

Our tasks:

  • Introduction of small water retention and wastewater management
  • Reneutralization of watercourses and water tanks, including the creation of bio-retention areas
  • Creation of green areas and revitalisation of parks
  • Recycling – limiting and reusing of waste products
  • Building an Eco education space
  • Installation of a small architecture directly connected to the type of adaptive/mitigative action
  • Saving energy and drinking water – building tanks with a roof runoff system
  • Supporting biodiversity (cultivating a vegetable garden with only natural fertilizer), beehives, bird feeders, and a meadow for insects
  • Educational and didactic pathways
  • Broad spectrum of educational activities – contests, workshops, conferences